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Professional Background:

My background in Marketing and Project Management, where I have achieved success by leading teams and executing campaigns. Throughout my career, I have developed expertise in areas such as product marketing, marketing strategy, e-commerce and project management. Additionally, I have experience in team leadership, human resources management and operations management, which allows me to contribute strategically and adaptably to organizations.


As a Marketing and Project Manager, I have implemented strategies across social media platforms, e-commerce channels and product marketing initiatives. By utilizing data-driven insights, I have optimized customer journeys to improve conversion rates and maximize customer lifetime value. Working closely with cross-functional teams has enabled me to create cohesive go-to-market strategies and successfully implement influencer marketing programs for expanding market reach.


Simultaneously serving as a Human Resources and Operations Manager during the period has allowed me to manage vendor relationships effectively while leading growth strategies in human resources responsibilities. Additionally, I played a role in overseeing warehouse operations management. This unique combination of expertise in both marketing and operations has given me an understanding of business dynamics.


My journey began with roles as a Graphic Designer, Sales Representative and Junior Coordinator. In those positions, I focused on creating captivating content, handling sales calls and overseeing plans with dedication and perseverance. I progressed to the position of Web Content and Project Manager/Senior Graphics Designer. I not only played a pivotal role in the success of website content delivery, contributing to heightened traffic and sales figures, but also laid the foundation for my eventual rise to the position of Marketing and Project Manager. This evolution underscores my commitment to continuous growth, creative excellence, and leadership in the dynamic realm of marketing and project management.

Personal Touch:

In the changing marketing world, I've grown to value the power of innovation and the significance of fostering a team spirit. Leadership entails more than guiding a team; it involves creating an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish. One aspect of marketing that I particularly enjoy is the ability to weave together a captivating narrative. With each project I approach it with the mindset of crafting a story that truly resonates with our audience.

In a marketing endeavour, I led a groundbreaking strategy that shifted our focus from product-centric approaches to building a vibrant brand culture. By utilizing social media and email marketing, we engaged our audience through a mix of blogs, memes and educational content, nurturing a sense of community. By immersing ourselves in industry culture and actively participating in conversations, we transcended the nature of marketing. We created an environment where our audience felt connected, informed and part of something. This experience reinforced my dedication to marketing strategies that evoke emotions while emphasizing authenticity and cultivating relationships within our community.

My work philosophy centers around the belief that every project presents an opportunity to make an impact. When it comes to improving an e-commerce platform while guiding a team through a complex project or creating convincing sales materials, I tackle each task with commitment and a focus on achieving desired outcomes. My goal is not only to meet objectives but to exceed them, leaving a lasting impression on both clients and team members.

In summary, I bring a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership to the table, driven by a passion for connecting with audiences and delivering exceptional results in the field of marketing and project management.

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